Rosewood Boredom Breaker 2 Corn Rattle Rollers
  • Entertain small pets
  • Designed to be rolled, tossed and chewed
  • Rattles as it moves
  • Keep pets occupied for hours

Your pet will never be bored in their cage with the Rosewood Boredom Breaker 2 Corn Rattle Rollers. With these brilliant toys your small pets will be able to roll, toss and chew the rollers to their hearts content. Rosewood's rattle rollers are a simple to use design with hay and straw wrapped into a roller shape. Inside this brilliant toy is a small rattle that makes a noise as it is moved. Place inside your pet's cage and watch in delight as they shake, rattle and roll for hours!

  • Disclaimer: To get the most enjoyment out of this toy for you and your pet, always supervise them when playing and remove the toy if it becomes damaged.

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