Johnson's Skin Eze Cream
  • Traditional soothing cream
  • Soft, oily base
  • Suitable for dogs, cats, small animals and birds

Johnsons Skin-Eze Cream is a traditional soothing cream to aid relief of symptoms of minor skin infections. It contains Precipitated Sulphur and various other natural ingredients in a soft, oily base whilst it is gentle, readily-absorbed and easy to apply. Skin Eze is suitable for dogs, cats, small animals and birds. Apply twice daily and rub in gently. With cats, use sparingly and rub in well. Bandage with lint if neccessary to prevent scratching. Continue to apply for a few days after symptoms have disappeared, but if symptoms persist, consult a Vetinary Surgeon promptly.

  • Capacity (Grams): 50g

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