Lazy Bones Hutch and Run
Product code: P376206
  • Easy clean plastic floor
  • Secure door bolts
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Suitable for small animals

Provide your a wonderful home for your furry friend with the Hutch and Run from Lazy Bones. It is the ideal home for any small animal, providing plenty of room to move around and features a lift up roof so you can easily access your pet. It is made from high quality softwood with extra stable wire to help keep your small pet safe from predators. It also features an easy clean plastic floor and secure door bolts and strong catches so your pet can't get out and other animals can't get in. The run has no bottom to it so your small animal can graze, if you have placed it on grass, and there is a trap door in the hutch where the ramp goes so you can shut your small pet upstairs at night or downstairs so you can clean the hutch.

  • Length: 90cm

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