Apex Run and Home
Product code: P404348
  • Will protect your pets
  • Allows your pets to run around
  • Ready for outdoor use

Watch your small rabbits or guinea pigs enjoy running outside and grazing on delicious grass with this Lazy Bones Apex Run and Home. This triangular shaped wooden framed run has a wooden covered indoor compartment with a wooden floor that is the perfect place for your pet to rest and keep sheltered in if it starts to rain. This run has metal bars that will keep your fur babies safe from harm's way and predators. Part of the run is bottomless which allows your pet to run comfortably around and graze on the grass in your garden. This cage is easy to move around so you can give your pet access to new grass every day. This rabbit run has a large door so you can easily reach your pet at any time and a door to the indoor compartment, so you can easily access your pet and clean out any mess.

  • Material: Wood / Metal
  • Colour: Orange

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