Rotastak Space Command Cage
  • Includes anti gnaw rings to place on any exposed tube endings.
  • Simulates your pet's natural living conditions
  • Fun and colourful design

Blast off with The Rotastak Space Command Cage! The fun galactic design and variety of features make this the ideal home and playground for mice, gerbils and hamsters. The main house features a feeding dish and water bottle, so you small pet can refuel and hydrate whenever they like. The hinged lid lifts so you can easily access your pet, whether to feed them treats or clean out their cage. This cage also features a separate room that includes an exercise wheel as well as an attic bedroom, known as the observation tower. There is also a tube passageway that will take your pet straight from the main house to the observation tower. The bright, vibrant design will bring a splash of colour to your pet's home and the transparent plastic will let you watch them having the time of their life!

  • Length: 56cm

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