Rotastak Pink Palace Rodent Cage
Product code: P248556
  • Suitable for hamsters, gerbils, and mice.
  • Anti-Gnaw construction
  • Amazing palace design with exercise wheel and looping tube

The Rotastak Pink Palace Rodent Cage has a cute pink princess design and is the ideal home and playground for mice, gerbils and hamsters, as it gives them plenty of exercise space and room to relax in. The castle features a grand kitchen area with a feeding dish and water, a games room with an exercise wheel and an attic bedroom, AKA the princess' tower. There is also a fun tube spiral that will let you watch as your adorable friend travels from the feeding room to the exercise wheel when they want to play. The cage also features a hinged lid, making it easy to access the food dish at meal times and grab your pet for a cuddle whenever you like.

  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Pink

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