Rotastak Maxi Mansion Cage
Product code: P232533
  • Includes water bottle, exercise wheel and food dish
  • The perfect home for small animals
  • Easy to clean
  • Hinged lid for easy access to your pet

This colourful plastic hamster cage has everything you need to make your small pet comfortable. The Rotastak Maxi Mansion Cage features a main unit that holds a water bottle, food dish and wonder wheel to keep your hamster, gerbil or mouse active and healthy. The attic loft is the perfect place for your pet to take a nap, and you'll be amazed at how quickly they can climb. The cage has plenty of space for your small pet to burrow, forage and tunnel and the top of the cage features all of the locks you need to keep your small pets safe while allowing you to expand your hamster cage whenever you like. The bright, vibrant design will bring a splash of colour to your pet's home and the transparent plastic will let you watch them having the time of their life!

  • Material: Plastic

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