Rotastak Lunar Module Cage
  • Perfect home for your small pets
  • Simulates natural living conditions
  • Features curvy tubing, pod sections, spinning exercise wheel, water bottle and feeding bowl
  • Includes anti-gnaw rings

The Rotastak Lunar Module Cage has a fun galactic design and is the ideal home and playground for mice, gerbils and hamsters, as it simulates their natural living conditions. The cage has plenty of space for your small pet to burrow, forage and tunnel and the top of the main cage features all of the locks you need to keep your small pets safe while allowing you to expand your hamster cage whenever you like. Each unit has a way for you to easily access your pet, so you can pet them and feed them treats as well as allowing you to clean the cage with ease. The bright, vibrant design will bring a splash of colour to your pet's home and the transparent plastic will let you watch them having the time of their life!

  • Length: 46cm

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