Rotastak Cosmo Pod Cage
  • Includes anti gnaw rings for any exposed tube endings
  • Can be combined with other Rotastak cages
  • Fun and colourful design

The Rotastak Cosmo Pod Cage has a colourful and fun triangular design that will make a perfect extension for your small animal's Rotastak home. This pod features half plastic covering and half bars with a door for easy access, and includes a water bottle and a two inch feeding bowl. It also includes a platform that contains a tube that provides your furry friend with space to exercise. Each end of the cage features holes which you can either plug or use to extend the cage with tubes and other cages in the Rotastak range. The bright, vibrant design will bring a splash of colour to your pet's home and the transparent plastic will let you watch them having the time of their life!

  • Height: 30cm

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