Rotastak Adventure Zone Cage
  • The ultimate play area for your pet
  • Sturdy, durable construction
  • Includes: water bottle, feeding dish and anti-gnaw rings

Give your small animal the ultimate run around with the Rotastak Adventure Zone Cage! The cage consists of a large housing unit that features a wire cage area for ventilation, and allowing easy access for you to clean out your pet. The enclosed exercise wheel will keep your little furry friend entertained and active for hours. The platform allows your hamster to access the curving tube that will take them to the extension room; from there they can then go to the smaller house or the attic bedroom. Each unit has a way for you to easily access your pet, so you can pet them and feed them treats as well as allowing you to clean the cage with ease. The extra holes in the units allow you to expand the home with more tubes or you can change the units around to create a new home, the only limit is yours and your pet's imagination!

  • Height: 53cm

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