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How to Get Fit & Stay Fit This Year

It’s that time of year! We’re full of turkey and good intentions. We want to get fit, get slim, get dry, and to even get saving; but all too often our New Year resolutions fall by the wayside. Here are a few of our Top Tips on how to make sensible resolutions that are easier to keep.

Small Changes, Big Impact

One classic mistake is to think too big. Small changes often make the biggest impact but, and even if your resolution is a big one – say running a marathon – you’ll still need to start small. Most of us can’t run five miles on day one, but we can walk a mile or two at lunchtime and lift some weights, have a run or do a yoga session in the evening. With no more Christmas parties to attend, your evenings will suddenly become free for some quality 'you' time!


Make Targets

If you’ve joined a gym, then hitting targets will be easier as once you’re there, you’ll do a workout. Targets are especially easier to make and hit if you’ve decided to take on a personal trainer. However, if you end up never going to the gym, membership fees simply become a huge waste of money. A safe alternative is create a home gym so you can work out at your leisure. Targets are still important though – whether it’s a lifting target, a running target, or a weight target – write it down, share it with friends and family, and ask for their encouragement. Once you reach it, make a new one and carry on!


Beware Impatience

Instant changes do not happen. Be realistic, keep working to your targets and change will come. Try wearing wrist weights while walking to take off a few more calories. Leave the ads running while watching TV and do sit ups as they play. Invest in a treadmill, rowing machine or cross trainer, and watch inspirational movies while working out – our favourites include Rocky, GI Jane, I Am Legend and Enter the Dragon. If you don’t have much space, there are loads of compact all body workouts that can be done anywhere and without the need of big specialist equipment. As your fitness improves, you can lengthen your exercise time and/or reps.

Keep Busy

One of the most important aspects of keeping your new year resolutions is to keep busy and not just with your workout programme. Boredom often leads to snacking, and snacking could be the flaw in your good intentions! Cooking your own healthy meals is an important part of any fitness regime, and testing some new recipes is a great way to keep busy and inspired. Another excellent way to keep busy and feel good is to do some volunteering in your community. What's more, taking up a new hobby like joining a choir or taking a pottery class will no doubt prove rewarding.



All work and no play isn’t a recipe for success, so be sure to give yourself some rewards. This could be a chocolate or two every time you reach a target, a slap up meal once a month or a regular massage. Another good idea is to put the money in jar every time you don’t go out for a drink or a meal and soon you’ll have put away enough, without even noticing, to take a quick weekend break. Remember, wellness is just as important fitness!


Happy New Year, and here’s to a Happy New You!  

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