Red Snow Sledge
  • Ideal for sliding down snowy hills
  • Provides hours of fun
  • Makes carrying things through snow easier
  • Carry handles and a rope of easy transportation
This product comes in an assortment of styles and we are unable to guarantee which one you’ll receive.

The Large Snow Sledge is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to have fun sliding down the snowy hills or even for those who need to carry items through the snow as you can easily put items as well as people on top and drag the sledge along using the rope. It has carry handles at the side making it easily portable and the rope at the front can be used to drag the sledge along or to hold for stability when speeding down a snowy hill. This amazing sledge is perfect for either children or adults. It is sure to provide you with hours of snow time fun.

  • Colour: Red

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