How To Cook With A Gas BBQ

Sunny days and warmer weather are just around the corner. Have you gotten your grill ready for the barbecue season? Whether you are looking for something big or small, here at The Range we have an incredible selection of gas grills that are suitable for any space. Never used a gas grill before? Check out a few of our helpful tips on why gas is great.


If you’ve always been a fan of charcoal grills but are looking for information on gas, you’ve come to the right place. The main difference between gas and charcoal is that a gas grill is much more convenient. Extremely easy to use, simply turn the knob to start, then use the same knobs to adjust the heat when required. Great for cooking all types of food, gas grills are clean and quick, perfect for cooking a quick meal on a sunny day.

The one thing about gas grills that you must always remember… don’t run out of fuel! Fuelled by propane, make sure you always have an extra tank filled and so you don’t end up disappointing your guests with half cooked burgers, chicken and corn on the cob.

Our Collection

Whether you are looking for a two, three or four burner grill, our collection has everything from small portable pieces to large grills with plenty of space. The perfect barbecue for most outdoor areas, this Sydney Four Burner Gas BBQ and the Brisbane Three Burner Gas BBQ with Side Burner provide you with everything you’ll need to cook delicious grilled food. Looking to add some “wow” factor to your outdoor area? Our Bahama Island Gas Barbecue Grill takes your barbecues and garden parties to the next level. Featuring a huge cooking space with everything made from stainless-steel, this grill also comes with fold out preparation shelves and a warming rack to create chef quality food.

Thinking of taking your barbecue to the beach? We have a variety of different grills that are easy to carry on your next adventure. This Albany Easy Fold Gas BBQ Grill and the Summit Portable Gas Stove are an easy way to cook hot food away from home. Small in size, but very powerful, this is an excellent option for your next trip away.


Once you’ve sorted out which grill you are going for, there are a few bits and pieces you’ll need for successful barbecuing. To keep your barbecue safe from the elements, we have a variety of covers like this 2 and 3 Burner BBQ Cover that is perfect for most set ups. When you are ready to start grilling, this Stainless Steel BBQ Toolset includes all the pieces you’ll need to cook tasty food. Coming with a fork, tongs and spatula, this helps to serve up tasty treats. Once you’ve cooked your food and are ready to eat, this Stainless Steel BBQ Utensil Set ensures that you won’t be getting your hands messy.

After all the cooking is done, something like this 3-in-1 Barbecue Brush is a necessary tool to help keep your grill in great shape. Whether you decide to clean your grill before or after cooking, this brush has durable metal bristles that scrape away grease and grime.

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