How To Cook With A Charcoal BBQ

With both Charcoal and Gas BBQ's hosting their own unique benefits and quirks, cooking outdoors has never been easier. Whilst gas-powered and electric grills provide a potentially higher level of convience, coal-fuelled BBQ's are still highly popular. Affordable, portable, and even traditional in their design, Charcoal BBQ's are perfect for those looking to load-up their culinary creations with heaps of smokey flavour.

Covering all you need to know when it comes to cooking with coal, here at The Range our handy guide is sure to help you plan and serve-up an array of tasty treats over the warmer months.

Cooking with Charcoal

Temperature Control - When it comes to firing up your Charcoal BBQ, it's important to note that temperature control is regulated through a safe and sturdy lid - unlike the dials present on a Gas BBQ. A tight-fitting lid is paramount for helping trap in that much needed heat and flavour. You may notice dampners on your Charcoal BBQ. Ideally it's worth having at least two dampners - one for letting oxygen in and the other for helping let the exhaust out. A great way to help regulate temperature and provide you with added control, dampners are a vital part of any Charcoal BBQ. 

Cooking Usage and Surface Size - It's important to remember that overall size and cooking size are two different things worth considering. You need to make sure your BBQ fits and suits the purpose that you're buying it for. If you're looking for something portable, then the smaller the better! When it comes to cooking surface size, Charcoal BBQ's can range in size from suiting 3-4 people at one time to up to 20-30 people, so make sure you find one that suits your needs.

It is suggested that Barrel-style Grills are better for smoking and the slow-cooking of meats, as opposed to designs such as the Kettle BBQ. If you've got greater culinary plans, then Ceramic Grills are the option for you - great for baking bread and even for cooking pizza! 

Durability and Cleaning - Although providing a better flavour when it comes to grilling, one of the downsides to choosing Charcoal is that it can often take more work to clean. With most grills featuring a built-in ash catcher, all you need to do is pull-out the tray and dispose of the ash produced from the coals accordingly.

If maintained well, Charcoal Grills can last for many Summers. Always remember that it's worth splashing out a little more on BBQ's that boast good build-quality and those that are solid in their design as this will help save you money (and hassle) in the long run.

Choosing the Perfect BBQ

From Kettle Grills such as the Florida Kettle BBQ or the Barcelona Charcoal BBQ to Barrel Grills and Smokers such as the Houston Smoker BBQ Grill or the Ultimate Smoker BBQ, choosing the perfect Charcoal BBQ can often be difficult. No matter whether you're looking to smoke your food or are looking to pack it full off flavour, Charcoal BBQ's are both versatile and easy-to-maintain.

For those with plenty of outdoor space, as well as for those looking for something special, designs such as the Rio Crystal Pre-Cast Stone Barbecue, Tucson Pre Cast Barbecue, or the desirable Gardeco Pizzaro Pizza Oven are sure to inspire creativity when it comes to cooking outdoors. From pizzas to kebabs, these stylish BBQs are designed to be fuelled by either wood or charcoal.

Looking at down-sizing? Why not opt for a design like the Table Top Grill & Fire Side BBQ, Guardia Charcoal Grill, or the rapid-heating Summit Smokeless Charcoal Grill. If you're planning on heading out and about and are looking for a Charcoal BBQ to help you serve in style, then why not opt for the Explorer Portable Charcoal BBQ or the ever-popular BBQ Time Instant Barbecue - both are perfect for day trips to the beach or even for use whilst camping.


When it comes to caring for or cleaning your Charcoal BBQ, here at The Range we've got all your needs covered. From Protective Covers such as the Kettle BBQ Cover to desirable Utensils such as the Stainless Steel BBQ Toolset, Pack of 100 Bamboo Skewers, or the Charcoal Companion Glow-In-The-Dark Telescopic Skewers, cooking with your new coal-fuelled BBQ has never been easier. After practical storage accessories to help keep your food fresher for longer before they hit the grill? Why not opt for items such as the practical Charcoal Companion Skewer Express or these Pack of 10 Large Oven & BBQ Bags - great even for placing on the BBQ to help trap-in flavour and moisture!

If you're stumped on how to clean your BBQ, then useful Cleaning and Maintenance tools such as Triangle BBQ Brush, 3-in-1 Barbecue Brush, and even the Barrettine BBQ Cleaner Spray are designed to help you remove worn-in dirt and keep your barbecue in tip-top condition all year round.

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