Kingfisher Catering Champagne Flutes
  • Disposable flutes means no washing up necessary!
  • Suitable for any event
  • Robust plastic construction

Looking to celebrate in style without all the inconvenience of washing up? These plastic champagne flutes are an absolute essential for parties, picnics and celebratory functions. Putting on a spread for lots of people? Why give yourself the extra hassle and worry of washing up dozens of glasses afterwards? Grab a pack of these plastic flutes, put your feet up and say cheers! The fact that they are disposable means you won't have to worry about clumsy guests dropping your nice, expensive crockery! Don't want to throw them away? No worries, wash them up and use them again! Perfect for serving champagne, wine or even cocktails, these flutes would be a versatile and useful addition to any event.

  • Height: 24cm

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