Wynn's Engine Flush
by Wynn's
  • Cleans engines, hydraulic systems, gearboxes and differentials internally
  • Quickly and efficiently dissolves varnish, sludge and other contaminants from vital engine parts
  • Frees sticking internal engine components by dissolving deposits

Keep your car clean and functioning to a high standard with the Engine Flush from Wynn's. With this useful solution you can easily clean engines, hydraulic systems, gearboxes and differentials internally. Help maintain the performance of your car by using this Engine Flush by Wynn's. A highly detergent concentrate, designed to clean all oil lubricating systems prior to oil change. With this fantastic solution you can neutralise acids and prevent contamination of fresh oil residues left behind and keep the engine working better for longer.

  • Capacity (ml): 425ml

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