Wynn's Cockpit Shine
by Wynn's
  • Leaves a protective film against dirt and grime
  • Perfect for use on plastics, leather, vinyl, rubber and wood
  • Anti-static dust free finish
  • Can be used in your car or around the house

Keep your car clean and fresh with Wynn's Cockpit Shine Spray. With this brilliant aerosol you will be able to remove any dust or dirt whilst you surround yourself with a pleasant aroma. The cockpit shine spray can be used on plastics, leather, vinyl, rubber and wood. Frequent use will prevent hardening of plastics and will stop rubber from sticking, freezing and ageing. The spray is sure to clean and protect your car or house by forming a dirt repellent, anti-static, protective film that will leave the surface free from dirt and grime. With this spray your surfaces will soon sparkle and shine.

  • Capacity (ml): 600ml

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