Wynn's Clear Car Lube
by Wynn's
Product code: P480018
  • Lubricates cables, mechanical parts, springs and chains
  • Can be used on bikes, boats, cars, motorcycles and much more
  • Resistant to steam, acid, solvents, weather, water, detergents and many other automotive chemicals
  • Remains in place where conventional greases drip or wash away

Keep your car functioning to a high standard with the Clear Car Lube from Wynn's. With this useful solution you can keep vehicle parts moving without sticking. Wynn's Clear Lube professionally lubricates cables, mechanical parts, springs and chains. Use on bikes, boats, cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers, wheelbarrows, around the home etc. With this fantastic solution you can keep the engine working better for longer.

  • Capacity (ml): 500ml

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