Kent Car Care Pack of 3 Polish Applicator Pads with Handle
  • Polish applicator pads
  • Easy hold handle
  • 3 different pads
  • Perfect DIY accessory
  • Provides even application

Make applying polish to your car easier and more efficient with the Kent Car Care Pack of 3 Applicator Pads. These magnificent applicator pads will allow you to polish your car with an even spread. Each pad comes with a useful handle that can easily be attached to the applicators, allowing you to polish your car whilst keeping your hands clean. The pads all come with a different functions to help polish your car more efficiently. The yellow sponge pad evenly applies polish. The white cotton pad helps remove polish residue whilst the blue microfiber pad polishes your car with a sparkle finish. Use these amazing applicator pads to make polishing your car easier and more successful. These will make the perfect accessory for any eager DIYer.

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