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The Best Equipment for Your Home Gym

With an ever-growing array of affordable, compact, and feature-heavy fitness equipment available on the market, it’s become increasingly more convenient to work out in the comfort of our own home. Offering all the benefits that come from an expensive gym membership without the monthly fees, home gyms are a great alternative for those that like to stay fit without facing the elements, making the journey to a fitness centre, or using machines surrounded by a bunch of sweaty strangers. But what are the best pieces of equipment for your own home gym to help you achieve your goals or maintain your fab physique?


Aerobic / Endurance

Getting cardio into your daily or weekly routine without leaving the front door may seem like a challenge, but it’s a walk in the park with fitness machines such as treadmills and exercise bikes. One of the largest items you’ll find in a home gym, packed with tracking tech such as calorie counters, distance, and speed, these advanced units are perfect for getting your heart racing at the start of each session and working on your endurance. Cross trainers are a great way to get a full-body workout using just one machine, offering low-impact exercise and adjustable resistance settings for tailored use.

For homes that are tight on space, folding versions of these machines are also available, offering all the same benefits and tracking features in a compact and easy-to-store design.



If bulking out and building up muscle is your end goal, weights are a must-have. Pairing a set of dumbbells with an adjustable bench opens up a whole array of exercises to help you increasing your strength and achieve the sculpted look you’re after.

Train your abdomen and get that flat, toned stomach with an ab wheel or target your entire core with the 12-in-1 ab-sculpting system of the Wondercore 2.

Smaller home fitness equipment can be just as effective at improving your strength with the added benefit of taking up less space. Transform your doorframe into a challenging home gym system with a doorway-mounted chinning bar and a Suspension Resistance Trainer, both easy to use and pack away when you’re finished. Similarly, a set of push-up stands and a sit-up bar, like the ones in this Xer-Fit Fitness Accessory Pack, can be brought out for your regime and packed away again when you’re finished. Kettle bells and medicine balls are a staple for training a variety of muscles and are great for floor-based workout routines.

Why not combine your aerobic endurance and strength training into one exercise with a rowing machine?


Balance & Flexibility

Whether you’re doing yoga, pilates, or your own selection of tailored balance exercises, ensuring you have a comfortable surface to practice on is key. A fitness mat or yoga mat is ideal for this, adding comfort to any type of hard or carpeted flooring and rolling up for easy storage with you're done.

A selection of balance aids such as a yoga brick or yoga wheel help you to maintain your poses and add further lift to certain target areas, helping you to improve your posture and become more flexible.

Add further challenge to your balance exercises by introducing a balance board or inflatable exercise ball to your collection of small home fitness equipment, strengthening your core as you perform a variety of movements.


Don’t forget to finish your complete workout with a proper warm-down routine. Foam rollers encourage the release of lactic acid in muscles and alleviate tension and knots as they provide a deep tissue massage, speeding up your recovery between sessions so you can get back to the gym…at home.


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