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Beating Boredom on Long Journeys

Off on an exciting holiday or travelling to see family at the other end of the country? Whether you’re going by car, train, plane, or boat, boredom is sure to set in at some point when the motorway views become tedious and the land escapes from sight. Here are a few ways to keep your family entertained while you get from A to B.


Travel-sized Games

Plenty of games have been put under the shrink ray and adapted to make them more convenient for travel. Perfect for keeping your mind active, games such as four in a row, snakes and ladders, Ludo, and battle ships can easily slip into your bag and be whipped out at the terminal, station, or mid-journey for a quick duel.

A pack of cards is endlessly entertaining, containing an infinite number of games to teach, learn, and play in the hours spent sat around. From building houses and honing your magic skills to chasing the ace and working on your poker face. Top Trumps and Uno offer a fun alternative to traditional playing cards.



Plug in and play some tunes while you’re in transit. Send them through the speakers of your car or enjoy a personal playlist on some headphones or earphones. Nothing beats a fun sing-along session with friends or family while you drive along so put on some bangers and get the whole gang harmonising.


Keep your mind active on the move with an assortment of perplexing puzzles. Work your way through a book of sudoku, crosswords, and word searches while you wait, or challenge yourself further with a puzzle cube and IQ tests.

Fidget Fingers

Keeping your hands active, as well as your mind, is a simple and easy way to keep the boredom at bay. Take along something that’s specifically designed to keep your fingers active, such as a fidget spinner, putty, stress reliever, or cube. Why not take along some pencils and paper and work on your sketching techniques?


If all else fails, have a nap! Travelling can be extremely tiring, especially if your departure times are particularly early or late in the day. Close your eyes and catch up on those forty winks. If it’s bright, put on an eye mask and, if it’s noisy, try some ear plugs. If you’re on a coach or bus, then set an alarm or ask someone else to wake you up before your stop or your holiday might not be in the destination you had planned.


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