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5 Ways To Prepare For a Marathon

No matter whether you're a seasoned marathon runner or you're planning on tackling your first one this year, our handy guide covers some of the most important factors to consider on the run-up to your next race. From fitness equipment to clothing, nutritional produce to must-have accessories, here at The Range we've got everything you need to take a step in the right direction towards achieving your fitness goals.

Create a Training Plan and Set Goals

A training plan is perfect for helping you map out your progress and is a great way to help you set-out your goals. No matter whether it's a 6-week training plan for all-round fitness or a dedicated 4-week gym plan designed to target specific muscles, there's no harm in being prepared!

Motivation is key, so why not grab yourself a whiteboard and some markers, such as the Lumocolour White Board Markers , and jot down all you plan to achieve and all the goals you've smashed! Placing this board somewhere that you either pass everyday or are bound to take notice of is a great way to ensure you always stay both up to date and on-track.

If you're looking to tailor your training plan even more-so, then why not consider a fitness program that is built upon factors such as your age, diet, free-time, and desired goals.


Finding The Right Equipment

If you're planning on training at home rather than at the local gym, then it's important to invest in not only the right equipment, but equipment that is designed to target the exact muscles you want to train. Fitness equipment such as the Wondercore 2 Home Gym, Phoenix Fitness Cross Trainer, Maxi Climber, or the Phoenix Fitness Exercise Bike are great for achieving all-body workouts, whereas items such as the Phoenix Fitness Resistance Tube, Iron Gym 15kg Adjustable Dumbbell Set, or the Phoenix Fitness Sit Up Bar are perfect for toning arms and abs.

Don't forget, equipment needn't just be fitness tools it can also be sportswear! Making sure you're kitted out with breathable and lightweight garments, whilst training or even whilst taking part in your marathon, will no doubt help your body breath. Items such as the Active Sport Cut And Sew T-Shirt, Dare2b Women's Innate Work Out Tee , or the Active Sport Ladies Racer Back Print Tank Top are constructed from a breathable polyester-spandex blend that's optimised for both mobility and comfort.

For those seeking a little more guidance when it comes to finding the perfect fit, why not check out our handy article on Essential Fitness Clothing and Gym Accessories.

Monitoring Your Progress

With help from your training plan, as well as fitness accessories such as the Active Sport Smart Fitness Band , it's now easier than ever before to keep track and monitor the progression of your fitness.

Great for counting your calories and the number of steps you've achieved, as well as helping to monitor your sleep pattern, fitness bands are lightweight and practical accessories that can be worn each and everyday (as well as during your marathon!).



By monitoring your progress throughout the run-up to your marathon, you can be sure that you're both on-track and reaching the goals set out in the very beginning. If you find yourself not on track, then it's important to stay positive and not beat yourself up about it - just keep focused and keep training!

Staying Hydrated

Hydration is key! Ensuring you drink ample amounts of water (or hydrating liquids) is a highly important factor when it comes to training. Drinks bottles such as the Phoenix Fitness Two Litre Drink Bottle, Lock and Lock Colour Sports Handy Bottle, Sportsbottle with Lid, or the Rubber Grip Sports Bottle are perfect for use at home or whilst at the gym, whereas items such as the Phoenix Fitness Drinks Bottle are perfect for use whilst running. (Most marathons have water stations set-out along the course, but it might be worth carrying a pre-filled yet lightweight bottle just incase)

For those with a fitness plan that includes the intake of protein shakes and supplements, then why not check out bottles such as the Protein Shaker or the USN Shaker Bottle - perfect for filling with your chosen mix. Items such as the Fruit Infuser Bottle are great too for filling with natural fruits and berries!


Rest and Recovery

An important step to consider both whilst training and after your marathon, the aspect of recovery is one that definitely shouldn't be missed. Fitness accessories such as the Phoenix Fitness Deep Tissue Massage Roller or the Telescopic Back Massager in Display Box are perfect for relieving tension in tight muscles and are designed with recovery in mind.

For those looking to improve their muscle recovery whilst training, then sports nutrition such as the USN 100% Premium Whey Protein, or on-the-go products such as the USN Diet Fuel Drink are sure to go down well either ahead of, during, or after your next marathon.

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