Poachette Ring
Product code: P243673
  • Non-stick coating
  • Suitable for poached eggs, yorkshire puddings and crumpets
  • Versatile design

This set of two non stick poachette rings makes cooking poached eggs, Yorkshire puddings and crumpets so much easier. Using a frying pan or saucepan, add 2cm of boiling water, break eggs into rings and cook for desired time. When cooked, remove from pan. Place on hot toast and remove rings gently. For Yorkshire puddings, placed greased rings on greased baking sheet, allow to become thoroughly hot before adding mixture. Cook in usual manner. Can also be used for making crumpets, individual cheesecakes and many other desserts. With a vast variety of uses, this Tala set of 2 non stick poachette rings are the perfect addition to your kitchen utensils.

  • Material: Carbon Steel & Non-Stick Coating

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