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Curtains vs Blinds: Factors to Consider Before Buying

When it comes to choosing between curtains or blinds, there are many important things to consider such as texture, style, design, privacy, and even energy saving capabilities. Do you want to maintain the same interior décor throughout your home or are you looking for a space saving alternative that’s designed to help lock-in the warmth during the chillier months? Whatever you desire, here is some handy knowledge to help you make the right decision for your home.

Advantages of Curtains:

  • Blackout Capability - A desirable option for those looking to accentuate any bedroom or living area, blackout curtains are sure to help block out wandering streams of sunlight. Similarly, thermal curtains are a cost-effective way to help save energy and lock-in the warmth throughout the year.

  • Versatile Designs - With eyelet, pencil pleat, and even voile curtain designs available, decorating your window frame has never been easier. All easily mounted through using tie backs, holds, and curtain poles, curtains are a great way to bring layers of texture to any room in your house, no matter your preference.

  • Streamlined and Gap-Free – Unlike blinds, a major benefit of opting for curtains is the notion of a gap-free design. With a drop that flows smoothly from the rail to the windowsill ledge, skirting board, or floor, curtains are a wonderful way to reduce stray rays of light.

Things to Remember:

  • Cleaning Process – Curtains can quite often become mouldy, stained, or sun bleached if not cared for properly. Depending on their material composition, some curtains can be machine washed whereas others may need to be dry-cleaned.

  • Maintaining Interior Décor – A little less easy than with the use of blinds, it can often be harder to match the same style throughout your home when opting for curtains. Despite that, curtains provide a wonderful texture to any bedroom, living area, or hallway.

Advantages of Blinds:

  • Slat Size and Thickness – With a wide selection of different sized slats and thicknesses available to suit the need of any room, blinds are designed to help accentuate all sized windows or glass doorways with ease.

  • Versatile Designs – Easier to maintain the same design across windows throughout your home, blinds are available in vertical, roller, venetian, and even roman designs. With waterproofed blinds that are perfect for bathrooms, and even blackout or daylight designs that are great for bedrooms or living areas, blinds are a versatile accessory for any home.

  • Light Filtering Control – Boasting single-handed operability, blinds offer functional light-filtering control. Twisting, rolling, and even sliding across their build-in rails, blinds are a fast and effective way to reduce or increase the flow of light into any room.


Things to Remember:

  • Energy Saving – Although blinds can easily be adjusted to reduce the flow of light, it’s important to remember that unlike curtains, blinds are less effective when it comes to saving energy.

  • Cleaning Process – Gathering dust a little quicker than curtains, blinds often need to be dusted a little more regularly using appropriate wipes, dusters, and cloths.



With curtains better known for locking in warmth and blinds for flooding rooms with desirable light, the choice between curtains or blinds is often down to personal preference. Still unsure on which to go for? Then why not choose both! The combination of both curtains and blinds is a great way to get the most out of your home environment.

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