Lumocolour Bullet-tip Permanent Markers Pack
  • Easily wiped off
  • High quality ink
  • Ideal for whiteboards

Great for work, school or home, this Lumocolour Bullet-tip Permanent Markers Pack are the perfect prop to use on whiteboards. This intense coloured pack of four markers have fast-drying ink with low odour that can be dry-wiped from whiteboards and other smooth surfaces, such as glass and porcelain. They are lightfast, smudge-proof and waterproof with the black and green also being weatherproof, and dry in seconds making these pens perfect for those who write with their left hand. These pens, with their 2mm nibs, are easily wiped off the wipe board with a dry cloth and this pack of four includes blue, black, red and green. These long life pens have a high quality ink which will not mark hands when dry and feature a locked bullet tip that can be left uncapped for days without the ink drying. These Lumocolour whiteboard marker pens are aeroplane safe as their automatic pressure equalisation stops the pen from leaking while on board an aircraft.

  • Pack size: 4

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