Sticky Text Highlighter Strips
by Tiger
Product code: P461398
  • 5 different colours: fluorescent orange, pink, yellow, green and blue
  • 40 strips of each colour
  • Possible to write on strips to add further notes
  • Translucent material means reading highlighted words is easy

The Tiger Sticky Text Highlighter Strips are perfect for highlighting important information in a text book without marking the book. Not only are they transparent so you can easily see the text or numbers you've highlighted, they're also removable so you can take them off without leaving behind any nasty residue when you're finished with the book. These bright highlighter strips are easy to carry round as they come in a handy dispenser. Perfect for students looking to remember key pieces of information, you can highlight singular words on a page and even write on the strips themselves to remind yourself of the importance of your highlight!

  • Packet Size: 200

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