Reeves Medium Paint by Numbers - Artists Starter Set
by Reeves
Product code: P396316
  • Includes all you need to get started
  • 3 pictures to paint
  • Perfect for developing artistic talent
  • Contents: 3 boards, small easel, non-spill pot, 21 paints, 2 paint brushes.

The Reeves Medium Paint by Numbers is a highly rewarding challenge for all budding artists. Featuring 3 pre-printed boards, a small easel, a non-spill pot, 21 acrylic paints, 2 paint brushes, and many more items, this paint by numbers set offers intricate designs that are easy to use and master. You will be proud to hang your finished masterpiece on your wall and embark upon another painting within no time at all!

  • Length: 300mm

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