Pigment Liner Drawing Set
Product code: P200657
  • Great for fine details
  • High quality waterproof ink
  • Perfect for school, home and the office

The Pigment Liner Drawing Set from Staedtler is are great for budding and skilled artists alike, whether you are creating your next masterpiece or experimenting with pens for the first time. This pack of black pens each with different sized nibs gives four different line widths for you to work with. These pens are ideal for writing, sketching and drawing with, as the pigment is permanent, lightfast and waterproof, which will not bleed when, highlighted and can be erased when used on drawing film. Each pen features a long metal tip making them ideal for using with rulers and templates as you can draw right up to the edge, and these pens can be left uncapped for 18 hours without drying up. These Pigment liner pens are aeroplane safe as their automatic pressure equalisation stops the pen from leaking while on board an aircraft. Line widths: 0.1 / 0.3 / 0.5 / 0.7

  • Pack size: 4
  • Colour: Black

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