Derwent Water-soluble Graphitone Set
by Derwent
  • Great for beginners
  • Everything you need to get started
  • High quality pencils

The Derwent Water-soluble Graphitone Set is great for budding and skilled artists alike, whether you're creating your next masterpiece or experimenting with drawing for the first time. The pencils can be used as normal but when water is added the graphite will gently dissolve giving your sketches subtle tones. This set has everything you need to sketch whatever you like and ideal for those who want try their hand at adding water effects and textures to their sketches. The wide array of lead textures in this set means you can experiment with different types of shading effects and techniques. This set contains; water-soluble graphitone (2B, 4B), graphic pencils (2H, HB), natural graphite (soft, medium, hard), eraser, pencil and sharpener.

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