Derwent Academy Sketching Tin
by Derwent
  • High quality
  • Great for skilled and budding artists
  • Range of lead degrees

This Derwent Academy Sketching Tin is great for budding and skilled artists alike, whether you're creating your next masterpiece or experimenting with pencils for the first time. This set of high quality graphite led pencils are all you need to sketch whatever you like, whether you're at home, work or school. These pencils come in a range of degrees with soft pencils that are best for sketching and blending as well as hard pencils which are perfect for drawing straight lines and adding detail to your work. The wide array of lead textures in this set means you can experiment with different types of shading effects and techniques. The handy tin is also easy to transport so you can take your pencils with you, ready for whenever inspiration hits.

  • Colour: Silver

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