Winsor and Newton Water Colour Marker
  • Dual nibs for versatility
  • Lightfast and durable
  • Beautiful watercolour effect

A clever and unique twist, this wonderful Winsor and Newton Water Colour Marker features water colour in pen-form. The water based pigment pen is perfect for creating water colour effect paintings on paper, simply use the marker and wash over with water! It is lightfast, so that the colour will not fade over time, the pen can be mixed with other colours and water colour mediums to create stunning masterpieces. In addition, as they have dual nibs so you can use them for fine detail and sweeping line thicknesses. All the Winsor and Newton water colour markers can be used on paper, but should be used on water colour paper if you want to create a water colour painting.

  • Permanence Rating: A

3 for £10

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