Winsor and Newton Cotman Watercolours Painting Set
  • Wide range of colours
  • Perfect for professional artists and students alike
  • Great for studio and field use
  • Highly versatile

The Cotman Watercolours Painting Set from Winsor and Newton is great for budding and skilled artists alike, whether you're creating your next masterpiece or experimenting with paint for the first time. This handy little water colour painting set contains 12 colours that can easily be mixed to widen your colour palette even more, and the case provides plenty of room for mixing. This set features a removable clip on palette that can be clipped on either side of the set, a second internal palette that can be used inside or outside the set on a flat surface, and there is a palette on the inside of the lid. The main compartment contains 12 8ml Cotman water colour tubes, but it is also designed to hold the unique Cotman cartridges of half pan or whole pan water colours. This set contains; removable clip on palette; 12 8ml Cotman watercolour tubes; Cotman brush series 111 No. 3.

  • Length: 21cm

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