Derwent Charcoal Pencil Starters Set
by Derwent
  • Produces deep, even lines
  • High quality smooth shading
  • Ideal for artists of all abilities
  • Pack includes all you'll need to get started

This Derwent charcoal pencils nine piece pack is ideal for artists of all abilities who love the rich, timeless medium of charcoals. Easy to use and handle, these charcoals deliver superbly even lines and high quality shading performance. The pack contains all you'll need to get charcoaling and is the perfect introduction to the art. With varying shade lightnesses, it is ideal for professionals and students alike and ensures beautifully rich shades that will really make your pieces stand out. Pack includes: Charcoal pencils (light, medium, dark), Tinted charcoal (white), Compressed charcoal (light, medium), Sharpener, Eraser, Paper stump

  • Pack size: 9

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