Anita's Plastic Clear Away Tray
by Anita's
Product code: P379668
  • Great for craft activities
  • Helps to prevent mess and waste
  • Easy to use

The Anita's Plastic Clear Away Tray is an essential part of any avid crafter's tool kit and the perfect way to prevent mess and wasting materials when you're creating greeting cards, decorating photo frames or jewellery making. This tray is especially useful when using glitters, embossing powders, beads, and other small crafting materials. To use it, simply hold your project over the tray when applying your decoration so any remnants will fall back into the tray. When you've finished, any remaining glitter, beads, powders, etc. can be poured back into its container by using the handy spout that funnels the material into a point, preventing any mess. The spout features a lid that will contain the materials to the tray when you're decorating your project.

  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Purple

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