Blagdon MiniPond Duo Pond Care System
by Blagdon
  • Highly effective filtration system
  • Hinged lid for easy access
  • Low maintainence

A highly effective five stage filtration system with an integrated UV clarifier, this fantastic Blagdon MiniPond Duo Pond Care System will keep your ponds clean, healthy and full of life. It is incredibly easy to maintain with the simple lift and fitting lid and easy to install pump systems, foams and filter screens. To aid the high performing filter and pump, it features a UV clarifier to ensure the water is crystal clear and the fabulous colours beneath the surface are clear for all to see. In addition, the set includes a great selection of fountain heads to add that finishing touch. There is a spray bar to further assist with the aeration, and provide your fish with a rich, oxygenated environment in which they will thrive.

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