Blagdon Mini Pond Filter
by Blagdon
  • Five stage filter design
  • Clear algae, debris and chemicals
  • Low-maintenance and hassle-free
  • Clean and healthy ponds
  • Compact design

The Blagdon MiniPond Filter is a fantastic water garden filtration system. Compact and requiring only low maintenance, this pond filter is a hassle-free system that will solve all your pond worries. The filter has a five stage filter design that leads to cleaner water, in which fish, wildlife and aquatic plants can survive healthily. The UVC clears green water algae, the graded foam removes large debris of dirt and waste and the ceramic biological filter media removes harmful toxic material. The polymer wool pads remove the last tiny bits of debris and finally, the carbon pad removes any harmful chemicals to leave the water clean and clear.

  • Colour: Black

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