Kingfisher Backpack Garden Sprayer
Product code: P282251
  • Suitable for most garden chemicals and water
  • Complete with wand, hose and shoulder strap
  • Shatter proof and frost resistant
  • Locking trigger for continuos spraying
  • Adjustable flow rate

Make gardening easy with this 12 litre Backpack Sprayer. Designed for extensive usage, this specially designed tank offers a balanced distribution of weight for your back. Suitable for water and most garden chemicals, this sprayer makes soaking your gardening in whatever you need an efficient process. Complete with a comfortable shoulder strap, wand and hose, the Backpack Sprayer is ergonomically designed for ease of use, making it a must-have for the enthusiastic gardener

  • Capacity: 12l
  • Colour: Yellow 2

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