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Essential Landscaping Tools For Your Garden

With plants beginning to grow rapidly because the warmer weather has finally arrived, it's time to start thinking about how to keep your garden looking neat and tidy throughout the summer. Here at The Range we have an incredible selection of garden items, perfect for trimming, chopping and organising your space. Not sure where to get started? We’ve come up with a few helpful ideas on essential tasks for your outdoor space.


Whether you have a large or small lawn, keeping your grass trimmed and tidy helps your house look as nice as possible. A few must have items for any garden, our Ryno Hand Push Petrol Mower and Flymo Contour Grass Trimmer help to cut large areas quickly and evenly, while trimming around trees, posts and even pathways. Once your grass is cut and looking fresh, keeping your lawn hydrated is an absolute necessity. Perfect for spells of warm, dry weather, this 150 Feet Expandable Hose With Spray Gun and Flopro Cascade Oscillating Sprinkler help to evenly distribute water around your space with ease. Looking for something specific? Our lawncare collection is sure to have everything you need.

Flowerbeds and Plant Pots

A great way to bring colour and vibrancy to your garden, taking care of your plant pots and flower beds is an easy task for maintaining a beautiful outdoor space. Helping to keep your beds and pots weed free, this Draper Plastic Garden Fork and Draper Plastic Hand Trowel provide you with the perfect tools to dig and maintain healthy soil for flowers and other plants. The perfect tool for taking care of roses and other climbing plants, the Bypass Pruner are extremely easy to use and produce a clean cut on small branches and dead buds. An accurate tool to maintain hydration for your small plants, this Woodstock Watering Can with Rose is easy to carry and made from durable material. For more products and ideas for your beds and pots, check out our amazing flowerbeds and plant pots collection.

Trees and Bushes

Keep your bushes and trees happy and healthy and trim off any dead or unnecessary branches from time to time. A great tool for shaping and cutting small trees and bushes, this Ryno 500W Hedge Trimmer is easy to use and provides you with a sharp tool to make accurate cuts. A few excellent tools that any gardener should own, our Wilkinson Sword Bypass Lopper and Wilkinson Sword Telescopic Hedge Shear can cut small branches with ease, perfect for taking care of any trees around your home. Another piece that is great for keeping trees and bushes healthy, this Rope can be tied around a tree and another solid point to get your plant growing in the right direction. Perfect for lugging away branches and excess garden material, the Easiload Galvanised Wheelbarrow In A Box is lightweight and easy to use, ideal for keeping your garden neat and tidy.  

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