Roundup XL Tough Weed Killer
Product code: P532013
  • 2 spray patterns
  • Designed to spray downwards
  • Child-resistant nozzle
  • Eliminate tough, deep-rooted weeds

Ideal for getting rid of unwanted weeds, the Roundup XL Tough Weed Killer is great for clearing areas and eliminating tough, deep rooted weeds such as brambles, thistles, ivy and nettles. Designed to avoid dripping from weed leaves to wanted plants to make sure your garden is still full of life and looking vibrant. This weedkiller goes in through foliage and moves right down to the root tips to kill off the whole plant. The comfortable grip makes it easy to use, with two spray patterns (jet and spray) and a child resistant nozzle so you don't need to worry about it falling into the wrong hands. Suitable for use from February through to November. Covers up to 90m2 - apply via applicator unit. Always use gloves, keeps children and pets way from treated areas until spray has dried. Use plant protection products safely, always read the label and product information before use, use as directed in the "how to apply" guidelines on pack.

  • Litres: 3

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