Roundup Pump n Go Fast Action Refill
by Roundup
Product code: P402046
  • Easy to use pouring sprout
  • Compatible with the Roundup Pump n Go pack
  • Kills weeds and their roots

Get rid of unwanted weeds with the Roundup Pump n Go Fast Action Refill. Controlling annual and deep rooted weeds including docks, dandelions, grasses, nettles, bindweed and thistles, Roundup has a systemic action which means it absorbed through the leaves and kills weeds down to their roots. Surplus herbicide is deactivated on contact with the soil, leaving no harmful residues, so children and pets are safe to play on the treated area. The Roundup Pump 'N Go refill pack includes an easy to use pouring spout. Specially made to refill the Roundup Pump 'N Go pack or be used through a pressure sprayer unit - not to be used with other pumps or guns. Suitable for use between February and November. Covers up to 150m2. Always use gloves, keep children and pets way from treated areas until spray has dried. Use plant protection products safely, always read the label and product information before use, use as directed in the "how to apply" guidelines on pack.

  • Litres: 5

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