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Winer Garden Storage Unit Shed

Guide to Winter Garden Storage

As the cold months draw in, you want to protect your garden furniture and tools from the harsher weather. Cold wind and rain can cause metal to rust, wood to split and paint to fade. Keeping your garden essentials warm and dry will help them to last longer, and ensures you’ll be ready to go when summer next comes around.

What To Store?

Garden Furniture

It’s not always possible to bring large patio sets and outdoor furniture inside during the winter. This leaves them vulnerable to damage from wind, rain and frost - the last thing you want to do is to replace all your outdoor furniture every spring! Protective, waterproof covers are essential for improving the life of your garden furniture.   


Prevent metal BBQs from rusting and flaking in the winter with a protective BBQ cover. As BBQs are smaller than furniture, consider storing them in a shed or garage to keep them in top condition year on year.   

Outdoor Seats and Cushions

Even if you have to keep your furniture outside, it’s a good idea to store the cushions and seat pads somewhere dry and warm. Cold and damp can cause mould to form, and can make them difficult to clean when spring comes around.

Outdoor Garden Storage Shed


To prevent rust and damage to your garden tools, store them somewhere dry, but within easy reach should you need them during the winter. Here at The Range we have a huge selection of that will not only keep your garden looking neat and tidy, but also prevent your tools from weather damage.

Outdoor Games and Toys

Keep all your games organised and tidy by storing them somewhere safe at the end of the summer. This will also prevent fading and keep everything in good condition, ready for the warmer months.

Types of Garden Storage


From large wooden workshops to discreet sentry sheds, a garden often needs a shed as a versatile storage space. Providing natural insulation, they protect from the worst of the weather and are often secured with a padlock to ensure the safety of your belongings. Depending on the size of your shed, they are perfect places for keeping BBQs, tools and machinery such as lawnmowers.

winter garden storage ideas

Storage Boxes

Usually a resin box with an opening lid or opening front doors, these are a more subtle storage solution that can be placed beneath windows, along the side of the house or at the end of the garden. They are usually secured and are the perfect size for smaller items such as cushions, seat pads, games and wellies. Made from durable and weather-resistant plastic, they can be made to look like attractive rattan or traditional wood.

Shelf Rack

Shelving is handy for all types of garden tools and paraphernalia and can be as simple as open shelves propped against your exterior walls. They provide easy access to your essentials and can come with waterproof covers to keep out the rain. You can also find enclosed shelving, with cabinet like doors that lock for extra security.

Make sure you pick up the perfect storage solution for your garden this Winter by browsing our Sheds and Storage listers. Want some more ideas on how to care for your outdoor space over the colder months? Check out our ideas for the patio and garden.

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