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Improve the Airflow in Your Home

Hot summer days are a blissful change to the wet and windy ones of winter, but they can quickly turn uncomfortable is there’s no breeze to cool you down. As we head back indoors to escape the sun, we can soon feel like we’re sat in a stuffy oven. Unless you like the feel of melting into your sofa, here are a few ways to get the air flowing and transform your home back into a pleasant retreat from the heat.


Create a Path

Open up all the doors and windows and create a path for the fresh air to pass through. Keep them from closing by themselves with weighted door stops. Who needs candles and sprays when the fresh fragrances of spring and summer are wafting into your home? If there's even a light breeze outside, it will pleasantly drift into each room, but you might want to put some fly screens up to prevent pesky bugs from welcoming themselves inside.


Check your Filters and Ducts

If the filters and ducts of your air conditioning system are blocked up or in need of a clean, then it won't be working as efficiently as possible. It also means your aircon will be using up more energy than needed in an attempt to compensate, increasing your energy bill. Remove any dirt or dust that's clogging the filter, replace any components that require replacing and, if you think a more thorough check is needed, consider calling a professional to make sure your unit is working at maximum capacity.



You don’t want to be sending stale and musky air through your home, so spread a few dehumidifiers around in places susceptible to damp. These will remove moisture from the air to create a less humid environment. Some air conditioning units have built-in dehumidifiers for a sleek and convenient alternative and can be moved from room to room as necessary.


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The time has come to switch your ceiling fan back on, but make sure it's rotating in the right direction before you do. Most ceiling fans are design to push warm air downwards during cooler months and circulate cooler air upwards during the summer. You want it to be rotating in a counter-clockwise direction and then warmer it is, the faster it should be spinning. If you've had it off all winter, make sure you give the blades a good dusting before you turn it on or it will spread over your room.

For even better air circulation, position floor-standing fans and desk fans throughout your home. Some have a oscillating function to direct air in different directions - which is particularly great if you're spread around the room and all want a chance to feel the breeze. Try placing a bowl of ice water in front of them to cool the air that they’re blowing around and create a more refreshing feel.


The majority of heat escapes your home through the attic, so having good ventilation in this area will reduce heat build-up and help you keep cool. If you have vents, hatches, or windows, make sure they’re open to allow the heat to escape upwards and keep the air cool in the lower parts of the house.


With all the lovely fresh air now flowing through your home, it might be a good idea to place a few door stops and wedges around your home to stop your doors from slamming in the breeze and make sure all loose paper work is weighted down.


Shop our full collection of fans and dehumidifiers for a cool, refreshing breeze, and read our articles below for more tips and chores you should tick off your list this summer.

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