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How to Hang Wallpaper

A quick an easy way to add a different look to any room in your home, wallpapering can be done by anyone. With a huge variety of different, styles, patterns and colours, our wallpaper collection is sure to have something to suit your home. Never worked with wallpaper before? Check out a few helpful tips to get you started with your redecoration.

Remove Old Wallpaper

If your redecorating a new home or just want to freshen up your living space, the first place to start is by removing any old wallpaper. To begin removing your old wallpaper, start by wetting a sponge and rubbing water in to any seams in your paper helping to loosen it from the wall. Once the paper is moist, grab a Paint Scraper or Harris Taskmaster Super Stripper then start to scrape and peel the paper off the wall. A sometimes long and arduous task, it is always worth it in the end!

Paste the Paper

With a few different ways to stick your wallpaper to your walls, pasting the paper provides a durable and long-lasting finish. In order to begin hanging your wallpaper, the first place to start is by setting lines with this Plumb Bob. An easy tool to use to make sure you are hanging your paper straight, this creates straight lines around your room for you to follow. Next, begin cutting one piece at a time to make sure lengths are correct. A helpful piece for cutting and pasting, this Hardboard Pasting Table provides you with a large space to lay out your paper. Most Paste the Paper wallpapers have been pre-pasted so need to be soaked in water before sticking. Simply, soak your strip in warm water for the allotted time on your instructions, then stick to your chosen area. Once stuck to your wall, smooth throughout to get rid of air bubbles for a flat finish.

Paste the Wall

The easiest way to decorate your room with wallpaper, pasting the wall is as simple as it sounds. The first step before hanging your wallpaper, make sure your space is clean and dry. Next, draw your lines the same way you would for Pasting the Paper, creating a plan for where your strips are going. Once this is complete, mix a batch of Solvite All Purpose Extra Strong Wallpaper Paste - 20 Rolls + 50% Free and paste an even layer on your area of choice. Once this is completed, cut your wallpaper to your preferred length and stick in to place. A few helpful tools to make sure this process runs perfectly, check out this product|172900 for pasting and Seam Roller for smoothing. For any more tools for help with redecorating your room, our Wallpaper Accessories Collection is sure to have just what you are looking for.

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