Make Your Own Pear Cider Kit
Product code: P499808
  • Harmonious tasting and fragrant pear cider
  • Finest quality pears
  • Beautiful sweet taste and aroma

This Pear Cider Kit brews a harmonious tasting and fragrant pear cider that can supply you with days and days of sweet fun. The finest quality pears and essences give a beautiful sweet taste and aroma to this cider, extending from the very first contact with your nostrils right through to the aftertaste. This Pear Cider, as part of our Home Brewing Kits, is light in colour, light in taste and in the long run light on your wallet/purse. What better way to celebrate the summer with friends then to uncover your home made and delightful pear cider? A sure hit for those who like to raise a glass in the sunshine! If you dont already have your own, you will need the following equipment in order to make your own pear cider brew at home: Fermenting bucket, thermometer strip, mixing paddle, sterilizer sachet and a syphon kit.

  • Allergy Information: Contains Sulphites

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