Make Your Own Ipa Bitter Kit
  • Fabulous fruity tones
  • A great replication of a classic beer
  • Create your own classic IPA

This Make Your Own IPA Bitter kit brews an excellent Indian style pale beer. The main attraction of IPA bitter production is the fabulous fruity tones you gain from just one gulp. This bitter is reminiscent of its first ever brews, formally drank and enjoyed by British troops serving in India. This special Home Brew Kit surpasses most bitters, the unique touch of vanilla and complementary grapefruit pith only adds success to the lingering dry bitterness. If you already like the taste of IPA Bitter then why not have a go at creating your own, you never know you may even impress its founding fathers across the globe. If you dont already have your own, you will need the following equipment in order to make your own IPA bitter brew at home: fermenting bucket thermometer strip, mixing paddle, sterilizer sachet, syphon kit

  • Allergy Information: Contains cereals containing gluten

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