Make Your Own Equipment Starter Pack
  • Impress friends and family
  • Simple to use
  • Brilliant starter pack

This Make Your Own Home Brew Starter Pack contains all the equipment you need to make your own beer, wine or cider. Many people grow their own food and reap the rewards of doing so, making your own drink is much of the same. Knowing how its made and contributing personally to its production is a unique feeling and something that can be easily achieved with these Home Brew Kits from The Range. This starter pack is just one simple purchase towards your very own mini brewery. Impress friends and family with your alcoholic creations as you are able to make your own beer, wine or cider with this great, simple to use home brewing sensation. This home brew starter kit contains: a fermenting bucket, thermometer strip, mixing paddle, sterilizer sachet, syphon kit and an information booklet.

  • Pack size: 5

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