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Essential Summer Clothing and Accessories

Although summer might seem like a ways off, the sun will be shining before we know it, so getting your clothes and accessories ready in advance is a great idea so you can go on trips as soon as spring passes us by. Whether you plan to take a trip to the beach, gets lots of exercise, or simply lounge around the house, we are here to prep you for a variety of occasions spent in the sunshine.


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Shades on! The Sun's Out!

Firstly, although they might not be considered essential to everyone, think about getting yourself a pair of trendy sunglasses, in whatever design and colour you like. If you have children, it will be good to protect their eyes from the sun with a pair, too.

Flip Flops and Aqua Shoes

Along with sunglasses, some people also tend to wear flip flops when basking in the brilliant weather, especially when at the beach. Flip flops are undoubtedly incredible footwear, designed to be extremely comfortable thanks to their sturdy, yet soft foam material that supports your feet throughout the day.

Also created with a foam material, you can’t go wrong with a pair of stylish, easy-to-wear aqua shoes. Aqua shoes keep your feet protected while you play in or around water, so if you're a parent, getting some for your child is a no-brainer!

If a beach trip is definitely on the agenda this upcoming summer, read through our Sunny Seaside Accessories article for other ideas on what you can bring with you!


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Summer Workouts

With the sun beaming, it’s hard to find an excuse to avoid a good exercise session, so if you fancy a good run, walk, or bike ride, there’s clothing that's right for you. It goes without saying that you should first get yourself a breathable, comfortable pair of shorts. You can also try leggings or joggers, but when it’s scorching hot outside, shorts are a sure-fire way to stay cool when working up a sweat. Speaking of shorts, a decent pair of cargo shorts are superb for long hiking treks, especially since they give you room to carry essential items, such as your wallet, keys and phone. Maybe cycling is more you thing? A cycle jersey is just what you need thanks to its lightweight polyester fabric and ability to draw away moisture, leaving you cool throughout your journeys.


Staying Cool with T-Shirts


When the temperature really starts to rise, it’s time to say farewell to those stuffy jumpers, hoodies and coats, and stick to just a t-shirt. T-shirts are fantastic at keeping your body cool during the day, and since there is plenty of design variety to choose from, you can simultaneously show your love for all sorts, including movies, video games and superheroes, through your fashion! As a side note, matching a t-shirt with a pair of shorts or joggers is a great combination for those days spent at home when you need a break from the heat.


Now that you have some ideas as to what clothes and accessories to get this summer, don’t forget the most important thing: sunscreen! Protecting your skin with a baseball or summer hat won’t be enough, so ensure you have what you need for your skin.

If you want to browse our full selection of clothing and accessory items, check out our entire department.

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