Set a Truly Sumptuous Scene in your Home this Christmas
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Set a Truly Sumptuous Scene in your Home this Christmas

Full of luxury and splendour, the Truly Sumptuous Christmas collection will undoubtedly be the perfect theme for any on-trend home. Full of vintage pewters, contemporary grey tones, and soft pink accents, this decorative theme will ensure your Christmas is full of all the sleek sparkle any celebration should have.

The Tree

To bring the lavish class of Truly Sumptuous into your home, start with finding some beautiful baubles with pewter detailing and then add some lighter hanging decorations in pink, grey, and perhaps even white and silver for some extra charm. This combination of vintage and modern colours complements the classic green of a Christmas tree beautifully and will keep catching your eye all throughout relaxing evenings spent watching festive films.

TruSump ECI

Around The Home

When looking into ornaments and statues for your windowsills, tabletops, bookshelves, and more, you'll want to choose some really special pieces that will stand out amongst your normal decor. Look for antique style ornaments in pewter or burnished silver or sweet pieces coloured light pink. If you want to modernise this theme a bit, look out for some Scandi-inspired pieces with grey tones, sure to add a whimsical edge.

Of course, you'll also want to think about lighting. LED strings in warm white will soften your sharp luxe decor, an ideal choice for family homes, while cool white lights will bring the shining pewters and contemporary greys into focus, perfect for those trying to achieve the ultimate sense of extravagance.

TruSump PIS

Other Tips

Truly Sumptuous is, of course, all about elegance and class. What better way to throw yourself into this theme than by turning your dining room into the pinnacle of high-class dining? If you're looking for some new decor to appreciate during Christmas diner, consider some crockery in a soft grey as an easy base, and then pick up some antique finish cutlery, some glassware with an extra bit of sparkle, and colour-coordinating table decorations. This will help knit every ornament of the theme together throughout the day, as you move from presents, to dinner, to family time, always surrounded by the extravagant aesthetic of Truly Sumptuous.

Not sure if the old-world luxury of the Truly Sumptuous is for you and your home? Have a look through our other themes to find one that perfectly fits your home. And, of course, check out some of our guides on decorating your tree and home to see how to make the most of your festive decor.

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