Active Sport Trek 2 Monodome Tent
  • Perfect for camping and festivals
  • Protects from wind and rain
  • Easy to put up
  • Bright and practical
  • Complete with bag for easy transportation

The Active Sport Trek 2 Monodome Tent is the perfect acquisition if you're off to a festival, camping holiday or simply fancy some shelter while you soak up the sun rays on your favourite beach. The T shaped tent design is sleekly modern and enables you easy access in and out of the monodome shelter. This Active Sport is bright, practical and safe to use in many different scenarios and circumstances. Easy to erect and protecting you from the rain and wind, it comes in a handy bag for easy transportation and to save space. If you're part of a small family or think your friends may appreciate this brilliant mars red tent then this is the perfect choice.

  • Length: 200cm
  • Height: 120cm
  • Width: 95cm
  • Weight: 15.8kg
  • Material: Polyester

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