Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts
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Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Wedding traditions – something borrowed, something blue, not seeing each other before the ceremony on the big day, carrying the bride over the threshold and the like – aren’t solely for the wedding day itself. Traditional gifts for wedding anniversaries have their own symbolism and are a great source of gift ideas for each successive year of a successful marriage.

1st Year: Paper -  By tradition, gifts to celebrate the first year of marriage are paper, because the marriage is still somewhat of a blank canvas. Gift ideas include personalised cards, lyrics printed on paper, photos, books, or a new piece of art for your home.

2nd Year: Cotton - Cotton symbolises simplicity and purity, and that after two years, the couple is woven together and strong. Gift ideas: his & her aprons, pillowcases, dressing gowns, t-shirts, cushions, or even some cosy blankets for cuddling up and watching Netflix together!

3rd Year: Leather - By the third year, tradition has it that you two are strong and dependable as leather. And a little worn in for maximum comfort. Why not gift your spouse with a wallet, a personalised, monogrammed key ring, bookmark, journal or, bracelet?

4th Year: Silk & Linen - Whilst silk can represent luxury and elegance, linen offers up the symbolism of comfort and strength. To represent these aspects of your union, why not give new bedsheets, a beautiful silk eye mask, or even some faux silk flowers that remind you of the flowers you had on your wedding day?

5th Year: Wood - The symbolism here is the trees that wood comes from are rooted, dependable, and strong. Hopefully, much like your still-growing relationship. Gift ideas could include trees (actual ones for the garden or sponsored), woodcuts, and cheese boards.

Wedding Anniversary ECI

6th Year: Sugar - Hopefully, everything is still sweet by the sixth year, and so we give sugar. Gift ideas: actual sweets, a candy floss machine.

7th Year: Wool - By the seventh year, the symbolism is all about warmth and comfort. Make sure the wool is good and soft though, we don’t want any 7-year itches! Gift ideas: throws or blankets, socks, gloves, knitting classes.

8th Year: Salt - Salt is a well-known preservative and cleanser. It is a flavour enhancer, as you ehance your partner, and it helps to sustain life too. Gift ideas: salt (and pepper) grinders, salt lamp, bath salts, a sailing trip.

9th Year: Copper - Can it be a coincidence that Cupid begins with Cu? We don’t think so! Copper is also a great conductor of heat, and is often associated with love and romance as it was linked to the Goddesses Venus and Aphrodite. Thankfully, since copper is so on-trend, you're sure to find a lot of gifts for this anniversary. Why not try copper kitchenware or jewellery?

10th Year: Tin - Tin is traditionally used for safety and preservation so it’s appropriate to celebrate the decade, especially when linked to the material, and your marriage's durability. Gift ideas may include vintage tins, personalised tins, and tin planters or pots.

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Other Anniversary Milesones:

15th year: Crystal

20th year: China

25th year: Silver

30th year: Pearl

35th year: Coral

40th year: Ruby

45th year: Sapphire

50th year: Gold

55th year: Emerald

60th year: Diamond

70th year: Platinum

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